Liceaway facilities are designed to create an ambiance, where children feel welcomed, comfortable and safe.

Priority To The Child

In the Liceaway premises, lice aren’t considered as a taboo or something the child should feel ashamed or the parent responsible of.

It is a common phenomenon, which can be painlessly treated at once, without the usual outdated and painful treatment, which not only has questionable effectiveness, but also burdens the children-parents relationship.

As soon as you walk through Liceaway’s door, one realises that other people face the same situation as their own family. moreover, in our cozy premises, what seems as a time-consuming and painful process, becomes pleasant for the children and careless for their parents.

Our Services


Premises protected from prying eyes


A specially designed waiting area for parents

Parking space


Tablets with games and children's programs


A friendly place that exudes confidence and where, despite the importance attached to the scientific approach and hygiene standards, children do not feel that they are entering a clinic.