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Lice relief treatment

Head lice is a common problem faced by thousands of families each year.

Although prevention is very important indeed, it doesn’t consist a guarantee of protecting children from head lice.

In contrast, the immediate and effective lice treatment plays a crucial role both in the health of the scalp and the child psychology.

Liceaway has developed a successful, immediate, effective and above all safe lice treatment, guaranteeing a lice-free head in a single, one-off session.

Technology with a guaranteed result

LICE AWAY has invested in modern special machines and equipment that guarantee the complete elimination not only of lice but also of their eggs (nits), in a way that does not irritate the scalp and does not burden the health of the hair. Through a constant airflow and heat to the child’s head, any lice nits or hatched lice are eliminated. In this way, the child’s head is not only lice-free, but also free from the risk of further lice spread.

Eradicate lice painlessly and effectively

Next step in the treatment is the conscientious removal of the dead parasites and their nits from the child’s head with a special method that effectively and painlessly removes unwanted parasites from the hair and scalp.

Products: safe, natural and certified by the National Medicines Agency

In addition, we use a special, patented formula for the scalp relief, which creates a protection shield against lice. It is a herbal, absolutely child-safe product, certified by European health organizations.

Once the treatment is completed, shampooing and combing are provided, so as for the children to enjoy again the feeling of the healthy, strong and parasite-free hair and regain their self-confidence.

Last but not least, a special spray also certified by European health organizations is applied on the hair, that works preventively.